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DriveSafety DS-600c Driving Simulator

TASI has established a driving simulator laboratory, directed by Dr. Sarah Koskie, for research into driver behavior and for testing active-safety system performance. The DriveSafety DS-600c Driving Simulator provides a flexible and realistic environment for testing. The DS-600c joins a more basic STISIM WT-2000 Driving Simulator and a sophisticated Compumedics system that provides a comprehensive capability to acquire biomedical data including ECG, EMG, EEG, etc. Use of these TASI facilities will be available to TASI members at reduced hourly rates.

The Drive Safety DS-600c (above) projects roadway images onto three large screens positioned in front of the cab of a Ford Focus to provide an immersive driving experience. Scenarios can include pedestrians, automobiles, trucks, emergency vehicles, and construction equipment. Settings include rural, suburban, and city environments. Weather and time of day can be varied, with snow, rain, and fog conditions programmable.


The STISIM WT-2000 simulator (left) provides a lower cost alternative when the high degree of realism provided by the DriveSafety 600c is not required.